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PwC and Blake Morgan Collaborative Competition

What is the event all about?

This is an exciting and rewarding opportunity to develop your research, group work, and presentation skills. The event will involve teams preparing a pitch, based on their own research, that will be delivered to both PwC and Blake Morgan!

PwC and Blake Morgan will pose as a potential client company (one that everyone will have heard of, and probably used themselves). The teams will pitch the services they can offer to this potential client’s rapid-growth plans.

The competition will be held on Thursday 27th June 2024, 10-2pm with a mandatory training session on Tuesday 21st May, 10-12pm.


Aimed at

Brunel Law School and Brunel Business School.

Aims & Objectives

What's in it for you?

  • When speaking to interviewers or applying for jobs, there is always an element of the company wanting to know how serious you are about your career and development. Going to events like these help prove to those prospective employers that you are in fact serious about your career and development.
  • At University and your future career, regardless of what you do, will involve reading, researching and collaboration. This experience gives you an opportunity to enhance those skills by practising them in a safe environment.
  • At University, we all have interaction with others and build a friend group, this is your chance to have a productive and fun experience with that friend group, whilst increasing your personal and group development as this task will challenge you personally as well as collaboratively as a group
  • A part of University involves thinking about your career and what you'll go on to do next. A lot of the jobs you apply for will have some sort of group assessment involved, this is your chance to improve your group skills without the risk of losing a job offer! (PwC and Blake Morgan will provide brief feedback on each presentation).

No dates available

There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.