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Resilience with Dr Audrey Tang: Session 3 - Making Effective Decisions

Audrey Tang is back! 

In 2006, course "Psy1504 - Positive Psychology" appeared on the Harvard University Curriculum - its focus was "The psychological aspects of a fulfilling and flourishing life."  It was Harvard's most popular course and the university still studies the relationship between happiness and success today. 

The Professional Life Resilience course uses the psychology of happiness to equip you with self-improvement tools to build your emotional and mental fitness to enable you to thrive amidst a challenging world.  

Over 8 sessions, you will build a workbook of practical techniques you can use any time to regain focus, build your self esteem, or simply to motivate yourself to achieve even more. 

Check out the more dates section when you go to book for alternative days & times if the first session time is not available.

Aimed at

All students are welcome to attend.

Aims & Objectives

Session 3 looks at making effective decisions:

Did you know the term "catfish", now used to describe the behaviour of an online scammer was actually a warning?  A catfish was often kept with cod to keep them alert.  In today's session we will look at how being alert - and not just passively swimming through life can help us make effective decisions to improve our chances of success.

Audrey Tang

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