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Practical Management: Being a Positive Role Model

Key message: You have the chance to shape your team into your next colleagues – won’t it be nice if your co-managers thought and performed like you!? More importantly, however, teams tend to take on the characteristics of their leader – so you have a huge responsibility as a manager both professionally and personally.

Aims & Objectives

  • Discuss that your team may themselves aspire to be managers, and this is a great opportunity to show them how to do it properly, rather than be the subject of discussion when they are asked in a training session “what are the traits of a bad manager?”
  • Identify ways of being a positive role model
  • Explain the importance of directly facing issues rather than making assumptions
  • Explain the detrimental effects of micro-management
  • Discuss “Skilled Incompetence”
  • Explain why sometimes you need to “stand shoulder to shoulder” with your team against the client!

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