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Talk to the Cam- Online Presentation Skills Session 7: Dealing with your worst fears

You are your best representative, and “charming” the room is not the same as “charming the camera” – where you have less control over what people are doing.

These sessions will look at presentation/public speaking skills applicable generally as well as on camera.

For these sessions, you must be willing to turn videos on when requested, and be prepared to speak.


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Meeting ID: 957 4676 0741
Passcode: PlSpAT@WED

Aimed at

Everyone is welcome :)

Aims & Objectives

We all have a “voice” with which we are most comfortable.  Experimenting with others builds our variety and potentially broadens our reach as a presenter.  Plus exploring different ways of using our body and voice reminds us of our versatility.

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There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.