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Law and Social Work Mock Trial

The trial will focus on a fictitious public law (care) case. The social work students will prepare the social workers' statement and care plan. At the trial, the law students will cross-examine the social workers on behalf of the mother and grandmother of the child who is subject to the proceedings. We are hoping that a practising Family Law barrister will act as judge.

We are looking for 6 LX3070 students to volunteer to act as counsel (3 students) and solicitors (3 students) in the trial. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for students to significantly progress your advocacy and analytical skills, gain an excellent knowledge of public law children proceedings, and enhance your CV and employability.

The 6 LX3070 students will have assistance and support in preparing their cross-examination.

Please could all LX3070 students who are interested in participating in the mock trial email Adrienne Barnett ( by no later than 4 pm on Friday 3rd December 2021. 6 students will then be selected and attend a meeting before Christmas. It is important that if you volunteer for the trial and are selected, you maintain your commitment to this event so as not to let down your team mates.

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- Mock trial

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