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Brunel Business School- Business Management Series: Social Network Analysis: Practical Applications

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Led by Prof Kevin McMeeking and supported by Dr Ana Canhoto.
A fundamental feature of modern society is the multi-layered network of connections and applications/platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Tic Toc, Twitter, Tinder). Networks are a medium through which resources (information, funds, coordinated action) are mobilised, transferred and shared. This session will investigate how to map social networks (SN), important positions within SN (and how to improve them), and applications of SN (e.g. from finding a job or meeting your husband/wife, to tracking “super carriers” of covid-19, spotting terrorist ‘splinter cells’ and exploiting brokerage positions for entrepreneurial gain.  

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Aims & Objectives

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This activity is delivered and facilitated by Brunel Business School for Business School students only.

Students who are unable to attend will be able to access the recording of the live session. 

Session contents are academic topics and research-driven agenda for Business School students as an additional knowledge booster.  

The BMS series is not associated with or managed by the CBASS Professional Life project.

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