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#LawLives: Street Law

This is a group presentation exercise to a “client organisation” delivering public legal education.

This streelaw topic will be: 'zero contract hours- your rights'

Topics in the past have included disrepair rights, fuel poverty, human rights, age discrimination etc. 

There will be 6 recurring meetings on the following days:

Wednesday 28th October, 11am

Wednesday 11th November, 11am

Wednesday 18th November, 11am

Wednesday 25th November, 11am

Wednesday 2nd December, 11am

Wednesday 9th Deceber, 11am

Aimed at

Law Students

Aims & Objectives

You will work in a group of 4-6 students and will research the topic, draft the presentation and deliver the presentation.

There is a training session with the supervising solicitor that you should attend as this will give you the information about the client, dates and times.

The research and content of the presentation is supervised and you will be expected to attend two practice sessions of the final presentation before delivering it to your client. This is not just Powerpoint! It requires an element of creativity and thought as to how to make the information you are delivering stay with its audience. You will learn valuable research and presentation skills as well as the softer and transferrable skills of team work, leadership and public speaking.

No dates available

There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.