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Public speaking skills workshop

The fundamentals of public speaking:





Use of rhetoric (persuasive language)

Use of plain English

Taking questions

Body language/Posture (standing/sitting etc)




Aimed at

Anyone wanting to build confidence and learn tips and techniques to confidently speak in public #LifeSkills

Aims & Objectives

Fight the fear of public speaking, seek advice and learn the art of presenting yourself, your voice and master public speaking skills in this mini series of workshops.

  • These session will always take into account the key elements of public speaking, and as you practice each you will be given feedback.
  • The weekly sessions will involve delivering short talks which you might have to prepare for, or give on the spur of the moment, or take up a controversial standpoint.
  • The regular practice and reference to the feedback each week will build your confidence and allow you to develop your own style.


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