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Resilience building for wellbeing with Dr Audrey Tang: Session 2- When you wear armbands – are they for security, or because you’re afraid to swim?

Dr Audrey is back for term 2 with a whole new series of workshops giving you the tools to build you emotional and mental strength so you can take on life’s rollercoasters and win.

Resilience is not about learning to “get by” or to “survive”. You need more than survival instinct – and some sort of practical capability, you need mental, emotional and physical fortitude. Resilience means you know what to do and have the capacity to do it, but it also involves having the strength to persevere – especially when little seems in your favour.

Mental and emotional strength means that your emotions do not undermine your efforts to be effective. Resilience is knowing what you need to do - and having that personal power to do it – no matter what.

All sessions offer a mix of theory along with PRACTICAL tools for wellbeing.  Workbooks accompanying the session will be uploaded to Training Downloads and worksheets | draudreyt on a weekly basis.

Check out the more dates section when you go to book for alternative days & times if the first session time is not available.


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Aims & Objectives

Session 2 takes you through the pillars of wellbeing to focus on which will give you the motivation and inner strength to let go of what’s holding you back.

Audrey Tang

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